ATFCU Card Limits

With the increase in data breaches around the country, Austin Telco remains committed to protecting your good name and your deposits. To prevent fraud, Austin Telco has limits on debit/credit card transactions outside of Texas/US.

Transactions outside of Texas: $750.00 per transaction
Transactions outside of the United States: $250.00 per transaction

Removing Limit Restrictions

You can temporarily disable this limit restriction on your ATFCU card by logging on to Online Banking or the ATFCU mobile app. Once you are logged in, select "Card Center" and then select "Manage Travel Notification" if traveling outside of Texas/US or "Remove Purchase Limit" if shopping online with a merchant outside of Texas/US. This feature can be scheduled to remove these limits on card transactions up to a maximum of one month. If you need assistance or more information, please contact Member Services at 512-302-5555 Ext. 7190.

ATFCU also has additional daily limits in place that limit the total daily spend on debit card transactions for additional fraud mitigation. If you plan on needing the debit card for large purchases in a single day you can contact us that day during business hours so we can manage this daily limit.

VISA Falcon Fraud Prevention Service

We continue to work with our partner, VISA Falcon Fraud Prevention Service, to monitor all accounts in real-time using the latest neural network technology to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. Falcon's neural network technology learns and understands individual cardholder purchase patterns, comparing real-time authorization data with your individual card behavior and existing trends in order to better prevent fraud before it can occur. In the event of a questionable transaction, a fraud representative will phone the cardholder directly to verify the transaction. The representatives will identify themselves as VISA Falcon Fraud Prevention Service calling on behalf of Austin Telco to verify transactions on your credit/debit card.

As an added feature of the Falcon Fraud Prevention, you can submit travel dates, destinations, contact numbers and additional information that will help reduce the chance that your card is inadvertently blocked while traveling. Call Austin Telco's bookkeeping department at 512.302.5555, ext. 7190 to provide information regarding your upcoming travel plans.