Backoff Malware - What can I do to protect myself

A recent Secret Service announcement indicates that more than 1,000 American businesses may have had their Point of Sale (POS) terminals infected by the “Backoff” malware.  Backoff “represents a very real threat to the security of cardholder data in all organizations,” wrote the PCI Security Standards Council, an organization founded by MasterCard, Visa, American Express and other card companies.  Target, The Home Depot, UPS, P.F. Chang’s and Supervalu are among a growing list of American companies whose customer’s data has been compromised in recent months.  While it will be up to the various business organizations to implement stronger security practices, there are some strategies that consumers can use to protect themselves.

The best defense is to be vigilant of your account and the transactions posting to it.  Most card issuers, including Austin Telco, utilize sophisticated fraud‐monitoring tools to review account transactions, detect abnormal spending patterns, and look for known issues; they also allow you to view your transaction history immediately online, and set up automated alerts for certain activities.

Austin Telco members are encouraged to:

  • Review your account activity using Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking
  • Sign up to receive Text and Email Alerts to be notified of transactions on your Austin Telco accounts
  • Sign up to receive Online Statements for faster and more secure delivery of your account statements
  • Monitor your account statements for suspicious account activity
  • Periodically reset your debit or credit card PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Contact us immediately to report any suspicious or unknown transactions on your accounts

How do I enroll to use Austin Telco’s Mobile and/or Text Banking?

To use Austin Telco’s Mobile Banking App for Android or iOS, you must register from Austin Telco’s home banking solution, Online Banking, and download the App from the Apple or Android App Store. To register for Text Banking, login to Online Banking and select “Text Banking” from the menu.

How do I enroll to receive Online Statements?

After you sign on to Online Banking, select the “My Profile” tab at the top of the page and then "Statement Delivery Preference".

How do I activate Email Alerts on my account?

By using Alerts, you can stay informed about activity on your accounts.  To set up your Alerts, log into Online Banking and choose “Alerts” from the navigation menu.

The following alerts are currently available for Austin Telco members:

  • Account Balance
  • Account Summary
  • Any Deposit
  • Check Cleared
  • Credit Card Transaction
  • Custom Alert
  • Debit Card Transaction
  • Electronic Deposit
  • Large Withdrawal
  • Loan Balance
  • Loan Payment Due
  • NSF
  • Overdraft
  • Stop Payment Expiring

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