Biometric Login

Advanced Mobile App Technology

Now you can use Touch ID/Face ID (IOS) and Fingerprint Login (Android) to access your Austin Telco account.

Enabling Biometric Logins

When you open the Austin Telco app for the first time, you will login as usual with your username and password. If you have Touch ID/Face ID enabled on your iPhone or Fingerprint Login enabled on your Android, a prompt will appear asking if you'd like to enable it to login to the app. Simply tap "Enable". There is no need to reset your fingerprint or Face ID, the app will read your biometric logins you have already set on your phone.

Disabling Biometric Login

To disable Biometric Logins, click on the menu botton within the app, choose settings, select Touch ID/Face ID or Fingerprint Login, and choose Disable. Now when you want to login to your account you will need to put in your username and password again.