COVID-19 Member Assistant Programs

During these uncertain times, Austin Telco is committed to working with you. Many members of Austin Telco have been adversely affected by the virus and the financial burdens associated with the rapidly changing conditions.

To assist those that have been impacted by a reduction or total loss of income due to the pandemic, Austin Telco has implemented the following temporary measures to help ease the burden that they may be facing:

  • No share certificate early withdrawal penalties:
    Members who withdraw at least $5,000 from their certificate (or the entire certificate if the current balance is less than $5,000), will not have to pay any early withdrawal fees if it was opened in 2019 or earlier. This program will remain in effect thru September 30, 2020.
  • Home Equity/Home Improvement Payment Deferral:
    Members with a home equity or home improvement loan that have been adversely impacted by the current situation can apply to have a loan modification and defer their payments by 90 days.
    To download the application, click here.
  • Payment deferment (Skip-A-Pay) of 60 days:
    Members who are currently no more than 30 days past due on their consumer loans can request to skip two payments.*

      There are three ways to set up Skip-A-Pay for your loan:
    • Online - Click the button below to electronically sign the form.
          (Electronic ID Verification will be required.)

    • Complete the Skip-A-Pay form and mail or fax it to:

          Austin Telco Federal Credit Union
          8929 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78757
          Fax: 512-302-3333
    • Local - Submit the coupon in person at any of our branch locations.

      To download the PDF coupon, click here.

Terms and Conditions

*Applies only to eligible consumer loans - Mortgage loans, home equity loans, term loans, and commercial loans are not eligible for this deferment program. All deferrals are subject to approval. Visa credit card deferment requests must be completed before March 31, 2020 to skip the April 25 payment. Please note that your skipped payments will be added to the end of your loan term and normal interest charges will continue to accumulate and may extend the loan maturity. Loans must have been open for at least 2 months with a minimum of one regular on-time payment made.

For members with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) on their vehicle loan, skipping payments may reduce the amount of any potential claim; please refer to your GAP Policy for complete information. Other restrictions may apply.

For home equity or commercial loan relief, please call our loan service center at 512-302-5555 x 7194. For mortgage relief, please call the mortgage loan counseling department at 800-937-6303.

Please call 512-302-5555 and press "0" to be connected to a member service representative.

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