Has Your Card Transaction Been Denied?

How can you remove the limit restriction on your card if traveling or shopping online outside of Texas or the US?

Austin Telco Debit and ATM cards have a limit of $250 per day for any transaction outside of the state of Texas to prevent fraud. All Austin Telco cards have a $250 limit per day for transactions outside the US. If you are traveling outside of Texas or shopping online with a merchant outside of Texas, your card transaction will be denied if the purchase amount is over $250. You can temporarily remove the limit restriction of $250 by logging into your account through Online Banking (not through the mobile app but actual Online Banking at Once logged in, select “Card Center” and then “Traveling Outside Texas/US”. You can remove the $250 limit for a maximum of one month if you know you will be traveling, or on the day you plan to make a purchase. For additional information click here