Debit Card

Austin Telco Visa Debit Card featuring the Austin, Texas Skyline and running bridge.

Your Austin Telco Visa Debit Card features an embedded chip that improves security every time you make a purchase at a chip activated terminal. This chip protects you from fraud by creating a one-time use code for each chip transaction. Please click here for more information on chip cards and EMV technology. Austin Telco Federal Credit Union's VISA Debit Card is a great way to pay for purchases online or in stores.  When you use your VISA Debit Card, purchases are deducted directly from your ATFCU checking account without the hassle of having to write a check. Your monthly statement will also provide you with a record of all your VISA debit card purchases. In addition to saving time, it reduces costly check printing fees. Your ATFCU VISA Debit Card is everywhere you want to be! Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, anywhere the VISA logo is displayed.

To understand the difference between actual balance and the available balance as well as the different types of transactions that post onto your account, click here.

Visa Purchase Alerts

Visa Purchase Alerts is a free program that allows you to receive near real-time notifications of transactions that are conducted on your enrolled Visa card accounts. This insight provides you the ability to be alerted to potential fraud and monitor your spending based upon preset preferences.

The Visa Purchase Alerts service includes the following transaction alert types:

  • Threshold Alert
  • International Alert
  • Decline Alert
  • Credit Alert

Click Here to enroll in Visa Purchase Alerts.