NCUA Educational Videos

National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has released new resources to help educate Credit Union members about fraud, scams, and cyber threats. The two part educational video is available on NCUA’s YouTube channel and is part of NCUA’s Consumer Report series.

The first part goes over how fraudsters initiate contact with consumers and how to reveal and prevent fraud while the second video provides helpful steps to stop different types of fraud, scams, and cyber threats. The second part also goes into details on reporting fraud and provides a brief introduction to EMV technology designed to make point-of-sale transactions safer.

Below are both Part 1 and Part 2 of the videos as well as the link to the NCUA YouTube channel where you can watch more videos to help stay up-to-date on financial education information.


NCUA Consumer Report: Frauds, Scams and Cyberthreats - Part I
NCUA Consumer Report: Fraud, Scams and Cyberthreats - Part II I NCUA Youtube Channel



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