Phone Banking

We are excited to announce that later this summer we will launch an enhanced phone banking system. Our current Touch Tone Teller platform will be replaced by Austin Telco Phone Banking. The phone banking system will have the same phone number, 512-302-4444, but with new features and an easy to use upgraded menu structure.

The new features will include:

  • Hear future dated transactions (pending social security, direct deposits, etc.)
  • Any Member Transfers
  • Stop Payments
  • Scheduled Transfers

iTalk Phone Banking Main Menu

  1. 1. Account Balance
  2. 2. Account History
  3. 3. Funds Transfer and Payments
  4. 4. Future Dated Transactions
  5. 5. Stop Payments
  6. 6. Get Account Information by Email
  7. 7. Card Services
  8. 8. More Options

Keep checking this page as more information is released.