SVpeng Trojan - Mobile Malware

According to Kaspersky Labs, the Svpeng Trojan is a type of malware that is spread through text messages via a social engineering campaign or fake websites. The malware targets specific mobile banking apps on an individual’s phone and then locks the phone, demanding money before unlocking it. Once the Svpeng Trojan makes its way into the phone it will lock the screen with a fake FBI penalty notification letter and demand $200.00 in the form of Green Dot MoneyPak cards. It will also display a photo of the user taken by the phone’s front camera.

The malware currently does not steal mobile or online banking credentials but experts at Kapersky Labs say that is only a matter of time. Currently it is impossible to repel an attack without a security solution and consumers who fall victim to the malware will have to, on most devices, boot up their smartphone or tablet in “Safe Mode” and erase all data on the device. Data left on the SIM or SD card will remain unaffected and the malware will be removed.

Here at Austin Telco FCU we strive to keep our members safe and secure. At the present time, there have been no Credit Union apps targeted, but this virus continues to evolve. Below is the list of apps that have been targeted.

Targeted Apps:



American Express

Wells Fargo

Bank of America

TD Bank

JPMorgan Chase


Regions Bank

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