Activating Your New Austin Telco EMV Card

Your new Austin Telco Visa® Credit and/or Debit EMV chip card should have arrived to you in the mail. Please note that Austin Telco will be deactivating all non-EMV chip Visa Debit and Credit Cards on Wednesday, April 20th. If you have not done so already, please activate your new EMV chip card immediately and destroy your current card even if your current card has not yet expired.

Activating Your New EMV Card

You can activate your new card by calling Touch Tone Teller at 512-302-4444, by logging on to your account through Online Banking, selecting "Card Center" and then selecting "Activate New Visa Card", or through any ATFCU owned ATM. This will allow you to start using your new card immediately and will deactivate your previous card. For your convenience, the card number on your new card and the PIN will remain the same, but it will have a new expiration date and security code. If you do not know your PIN and would like to change it call 512-407-3181 and choose option 3. If you have preauthorized payments set up on your card, the new expiration date and three digit security code will need to be updated.

If you have any questions, please contact card services at 512-407-3181.

For more information on EMV Cards please click here.


What if I want to change my PIN?
Once your new card has been received, you may change your PIN at any Austin Telco owned ATM or call Card Services at 512-407-3181.
Will the card be active immediately?
Card activation will be immediate.


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