Auto Loans

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A new vehicle is the second largest purchase most people will ever make. Once you've found the vehicle that fits your needs, make sure your vehicle loan is also a perfect fit.


With ATFCU's Advantage Auto Loan you get:

  • Low fixed rate financing for new and used vehicles
  • The opportunity to take advantage of all rebates and discounts offered by the dealer
  • No-Hassle dealer network
  • New and used car vehicle pricing information
  • Reliable Extended Warranty Program
  • Flexible terms and payments to fit your budget
  • Annual Holiday Skip-a-Pay



New, Used and Refinance Vehicles1

Maximum Terms >730 729-680 679-640 639-600 599-550 <549
60 Mo. 1.90% 2.40% 3.40% 5.40% 6.90% 9.90%
66 Mo. 1.95% 2.45% 3.45% 5.45% 6.95% 9.95%
72 Mo. 2.25% 2.75% 3.75% 5.75% 7.25% 10.25%

Need help searching for the right vehicle?

Austin Telco FCU Car Buying Service powered by 

Austin Telco provides many resources and services to help with that next big purchase. Through Austin Telco FCU Car Buying Service you have unlimited access to free Price Reports and get a Guaranteed Savings Certificate to lock in your savings at the dealer. 

Prefered Auto Dealer List

Our Preferred Auto Dealer List provides a list of quality auto dealers that participate with Austin Telco to provide no-hassle pricing to all members. Bring in your pre-approved certificate from Austin Telco to one of our participating dealer representatives. 


Below are some other helpful car buying resource links:


Whether you're looking for a vehicle now, or already have a vehicle financed elsewhere, call the loan department at 512.302.5555, ext. 7194 or email the 

 1Annual Percentage Rate. All rates are expressed "as low as". Auto loan rate advertised is our lowest rate for the purchase of a new or used vehicle, or the refinance of an existing loan from another lender. Actual rates many vary depending on credit qualifications. Rate and terms subject to change without notice.

New Vehicle - New, never titled vehicles; or new vehicles titled in the past 30 days.
Used Vehicle - Any previously titled vehicle

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