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Loan Payment Options

To help you stay on top of your loan payments, we offer a variety of convenient payment methods:

  • Autopay Setup: Simplify your payments by setting up autopay using an ACH Origination Form. You can sign the form in-branch or through DocuSign for added convenience. Either call or reach out to us through Digital Banking Secure Messaging to ask about DocuSign. This must be completed 10 days prior to your first payment.

  • Digital Banking Transfers: Transfer funds from other financial institutions using our Digital Banking platform. Please allow 3-4 business days for account verification before your transfers can be processed.

  • REPAY: REPAY is a convenient and secure way to make your loan payment using your debit card or ACH. Just lookup your account and register to streamline the process. Click here to get started.

  • Telco Share to Loan Transfers: Already have an account with Austin Telco? You can directly transfer funds from your share to your loan either through Digital Banking, in person or by giving us a call.

  • One-Time Tel Payments: As a special service, we offer an over-the-phone payment when you provide us with an account and routing number. This would have to be performed every month.

  • In-Branch Payments: Visit any of our branches to make payments with cash, check, or card. Please note that card payments are processed as Cash Advances and are subject to the card’s interest rate.
Need help or aren't sure what to do? Reach out to us by calling 512-302-5555 during regular business hours, or send us an email at