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Effective April 1, 2023

Checking Account Fees

Type Amount
Check Printing Fees Varies
Photo-Copy Fee - Check: (per item) (2 free per statement) $1.00
NSF Fee (per item/per presentment) $27.50
Overdraft Courtesy Fee* $27.50
Overdraft Fee: ($50 increments)* $5.00
Returned Item Member Drawer Fee (per item) $27.50
Stop Payment Fee (per request) $27.50

*ATFCU offers members with established account histories, in good standing, an "Overdraft Privilege" service to pay checks, VISA Debit Card transactions, point-of-sale transactions, ACH items and ATM withdrawals that are drawn against insufficient or unavailable funds at the time of presentment. Unavailable funds include funds on hold from a check deposit or funds on hold from a debit card transaction authorized but not yet cleared. This discretionary member courtesy could save you the embarrassment of returned items and expensive merchant fees. The standard $27.50 NSF (Courtesy) fee will still be imposed by ATFCU and any fees that would have been charged by a merchant will be avoided. Payment of an NSF item is at the sole discretion of ATFCU and based on a members overall relationship with the credit union to a maximum limit of $500 including fees. All overdrafts for transactions and fees should be paid within a timely manner. An account that remains negative, past a 60 day grace period, will be closed and negative amounts for transactions will be reported to the appropriate agency.

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Type Amount
Account Research Fee (per hour) $20.00
Cashier's Check Fee (per check) $3.00
ONUS to Teller Check Conversion Fee $15.00
Deposited Item Returned Fee (per item) $5.00
Items Sent for Collections Fee $25.00
Legal Process Fee cost
Money Order Fee (per money order) $1.00
Online History Fee (mailed) $3.00
Statement Copy Fee (per copy) $3.00
Teller Check Fee (per check in excess of one per day) $2.00
Temporary Check Fee (per 4 checks) $2.00
Unreturned Drive-Thru Canister Replacement Fee $75.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing Fee - domestic (per transfer) $15.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing Fee - international (per transfer) $40.00
International Wires: Amendment, Cancellation, or Tracing $25.00
Expedited Card Mailing Fee $25.00

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Type Amount
ATM/VISA Debit Card Issue Fee N/C
ATM/VISA Debit Card Replacement Fee
ATM/VISA Debit Card NSF Fee $27.50
ATM/VISA Debit Card Overdraft Fee $5.00
ATM Transaction Fee (non-Telco owned ATM)* $1.00
EFT NSF Fee $27.50
EFT Overdraft Fee $5.00
Visa Debit Card Point of Sale Fee N/C

*Plus surcharge fee from owner of ATM

Safe Deposit Box Fees*

Annual Rental Size Amount
3 x 5 x 21 $15.00
3 x 10 x 21 $30.00
5 x 10 x 21 $40.00
10 x 10 x 21 $65.00
Drilling of Box Fee $350.00
Key Replacement Fee $10.00
*Safe Deposit Box contents are not Federally Insured by NCUA

Credit Union Membership

Type Amount
Membership Fee N/C
Membership Share (par value) $25.00

*Savings, if closed within 90 days of opening date

Bill Payment

Type Amount
Up to 15 bills - per user, per month -
Over 15 bills/per payment $0.35
Check Copies (per check) $6.00
Stop Payment/per request $15.00