Effective May 15, 2024

Credit Union Membership

Type Amount
Membership Share (par value) $5.00

Account Fees


Type Amount
Cashier's Check Fee $3.00 per check
Check Printing Fee Varies
Collection Item Fee $25.00 per item
Non-member Check Cashing Fee $5.00 per check
ON-US to Teller Check Conversion Fee $15.00 per check
Returned Item Member Share Draft Fee $27.50 per item
Stop Payment Fee $27.50 per item
Teller Check Fee $2.00 (per check in excess of one per day)
Temporary Check Fee $2.00 per 4 checks


Type Amount
ATM/Visa Debit Card Replacement Fee (If more than 2 per year) $5.00 per card
ATM/VISA International Service Assessment:
U.S. Dollars
Foreign Currency

0.8% of purchase or withdrawal
1.0% of purchase or withdrawal
Expedited Card Mailing Fee $25.00


Type Amount
International Wires: Amendment, Cancellation, or Tracing $25.00 per request
Wire Transfer Outgoing Fee - Domestic $20.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer Outgoing Fee - International $60.00 per transfer

Non-Sufficient Funds/Overdraft/Overdraft Protection

Type Amount
ATM/VISA Debit Card/ACH Overdraft Transfer Fee ($50 increments) $5.00 per request
ATM/VISA Debit Card/ACH/Share Draft NSF Fee $27.50 per item
ATM/VISA Debit Card/ACH/Share Draft Overdraft Courtesy Fee $27.50 per item

Safe Deposit Box Fee

Size Amount
3 x 5 x 21 $20.00 per year
3 x 10 x 21 $30.00 per year
5 x 10 x 21 $40.00 per year
10 x 10 x 21 $70.00 per year
Drilled of Box Fee $350.00
Key Replacement Fee $10.00 per key


Type Amount
Account Research Fee $20.00 per hour
Inactive Account Fee
(Savings Only, 12 months of no activity and less than $100)
$5.00 per month
Legal Process Fee cost