Wire Transfers

Austin Telco Federal Credit Union utilizes the Federal Reserve Wire Transfer program to allow members to quickly and conveniently electronically transfer funds between financial institutions.

To wire funds to another institution, ATFCU will need the complete wiring instructions from the receiving institution.  Please contact the receiving institution directly and ask for their Federal Reserve wiring instructions.  Please see Fees and Charges for additional information.

To have funds wired from another financial institution to your account at ATFCU, you will need to provide that institution with your ATFCU account number and ATFCU's ABA/Routing number of 314977175.  There is no fee for incoming wires.

Complete information, verification of instructions, and reasonable processing time is required for same day wire transfer.

Cut-off time for sending is 1:00 p.m. for Domestic and 10:30 a.m. for International transfers.

International Wires

Federal Regulation requires certain procedures be taken when sending international wires. Please contact us directly at 512-302-5555 ext. 7190 for information regarding the international wire process. Austin Telco does not have a SWIFT CODE or IBAN number. We are able to offer outgoing International Wire Services to our members by going through a 3rd party. If you are expecting to receive a wire into your account coming from an international source, it is up to the sending international institution to have an intermediary bank in the US that can forward that wire to us via the Federal Reserve system. All incoming wires are received by us through the Federal Reserve system using our routing number. The beneficiary name and account number must match in order for us to post the wire.

Final credit is not guaranteed to the beneficiary on "International" wires and a 10 day period is required for receipt by beneficiary before a trace may be placed on the wired funds. Any fees incurred in tracing funds may be charged to your account. Alternatives for sending funds might be considered if immediate credit is needed.

Western Union rates vary.

All wires can be done in person at any branch location.

If you need additional information or have other questions, please feel free to contact our Accounting Department at 512-302-5555 ext. 7190.