woman using her phone's touch screen

Phone Banking

Austin Telco Phone Banking is our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, telephone teller. It's there when you need it, at work, at home, days, nights, weekends, and holidays. With your Access Code and a touch-tone phone, you can perform a variety of transactions, find your current balance, transfer funds, and stop payments. Austin Telco Phone Banking can be reached at 512-302-4444. If you don't have a Phone Banking Access Code or need your reset, call us at 512-302-5555 option 5. 

Phone Banking features:

  • Hear future dated transactions (pending social security, direct deposits, etc.)
  • Any Member Transfers
  • Stop Payments
  • Scheduled Transfers
  • Principal Payments

Main Menu

# Description
1 Account Balance
2 Account History
3 Transfer Funds to Make a Payment
4 Future Dated Transactions
5 Stop Payment
6 Account Information by eMail
7 Card Services
8 More Options

Global Commands

Commands Touch Tone Verbal Command
Previous Menu * Go Back, Back
Repeat Menu # Repeat
Services Representative (During Business Hours) 0 Agent, Operator, Customer Service
Main Menu 3* Main Menu
Voice Recognition 8* Not Applicable
Hang Up 7* Hang Up, Goodbye
Switch Member Number 9* Change Member, Change Account

The majority of the codes from Touch Tone Teller Expert Mode have been transferred over to the Phone Banking system. To download a new Expert Mode Wallet Card, please click here.