person using chip reader with their credit card

Merchant Services

Payment Processing That Fits Your Business

Whether you accept payments online, over the phone, in-store, or on the go, we have a solution that’ll fit your business.

Accepting credit cards can increase your revenue. On average, customers spend 12 to 18 percent more with their credit card than cash.* So, if your business sells $500 worth of product a day, you’re missing out on $90 of potential revenue—that’s $35,550 a year by not accepting credit cards.

We’ve teamed up with Heartland, one of the nation's leading providers of payment processing services. Its innovative and efficient payment processing solutions are designed to grow your business and boost your bottom line. Heartland offers amazing merchant benefits, like:

  • Accept EMV® chip cards, magstripe cards, ACH, UnionPay®, verify checks and contactless payments
  • Next-day funding available*
  • Customers can pay with their preferred card—accept all major card brands at the same rate
  • A quick and easy electronic application process
  • 24/7, U.S.-based merchant support
  • Insightful cloud-based reporting

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Fast, Affordable, Secure and Smart Terminals

Turn your countertop into a sophisticated all-in-one point-of-sale and business management station with Vital ProSM and Vital Pro PlusSM.

  • Faster and more secure card transactions—EMV chip, magstripe cards and contactless payments
  • Modify orders, add discounts and update your staff with low-inventory alerts
  • We keep customer card-on-file data off your system—protecting you from fraud and security risks
  • Print or email customers their receipts
  • Optional handheld barcode scanner, POS receipt printer and cash drawer available

Mobile Processing Solutions

Take your business on the road with Vital MobileSM or the Vital Card ReadersSM. Accept payments right from your Apple® or AndroidTM mobile device.

  • Accept EMV chip cards, magstripe cards and contactless payments
  • Email customers their receipts
  • Manage tips and tax rates from the palm of your hand

Accept Credit and Debit Cards on Your Website

Manage all your payments with one single system. Take control of how you accept payments with our online virtual terminal and payment gateway.

  • Process transactions in real time
  • Set up recurring billing for manual and automatic payments
  • Using the optional USB credit card reader means no more manually keying in card numbers and less invalid transactions

Powerful Web-based Management and Reporting Tools

Manage your business and take payments from any PC that has internet access.

  • Access detailed activity and transaction reports in real time
  • Create custom reports
  • Online response to chargebacks and retrievals

Competitive Flat Rate Fee

We can simplify your bookkeeping and potentially save you money by combining many of your monthly charges into a single flat monthly fee.

  • No hidden fees
  • Tiered pricing based on monthly processing volume
  • Cost flexibility allows your business to scale and still maintain low fees

Data Breach Security Program

According to industry statistics, 90 percent of all security breaches occur at small businesses.†

Heartland provides your business with the industry’s most powerful fraud prevention tools. And our Data Breach Security Program protects your business financially up to $100,000 per location for the most common forms of a data breach:

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Stolen credit card receipts
  • Compromised POS terminals 
  • Credit and debit card skimming
  • Stolen computers

Plus, the program covers many of the fees and expenses you’ll face after a suspected breach, including:

  • Industry-mandated audit for an alleged breach
  • Card replacement costs and associated expenses
  • Industry assessments and fines

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