Digital Banking Privacy Policy

Personal information is provided by you when completing an application, form, or other requested fields, and may include name, address, social security number, drivers' license number or other forms of identification, date of birth, phone numbers, account numbers, email addresses, credit or income information, usernames, passwords, and images of documents such as identification cards, checks, or statements. We also collect information from your mobile device such as IP addresses, browser type, device type and operating system, sites visited on the Mobile App, date and time of access, and identity of the referring site. This information allows the credit union to limit access to only those entitled to perform transactions and inquiries on the account(s).

Information & Permissions: If you use our Digital Banking app, we may ask for permission to use the following features or functionalities:

  • Camera: You may need to take pictures of checks for mobile deposits.
  • Photos and Images: You may want to attach a photo to a secure message.
  • Files and Media: You may want to attach a file to a secure message.
  • Location: Our app may collect precise and approximate location for technology access and tracking.
  • Other applications: You may access other installed and relevant apps when you use our personal financial management tools.
  • SMS Texting: You may opt to send and receive text notifications and alerts, and to receive multi-factor authentication codes.
  • Application information and performance: We may collect "crash" logs, diagnostics, and other performance data.
  • Device information: We may collect information on your operating system and version, device version, cellular/WIFI connectivity, IP address, and location.