ACH Origination

Note: This procedure can only be performed for one party (from member to member)

1. Record ATFCU information:

  • Account Number
  • Share ID to be used
  • Dollar Amount

2. Record Other Institution Information (note: member is responsible for providing this information)

  • Depository Name
  • Branch if Applicable
  • City, State, and Zip
  • Share ID to be used
  • Dollar Amount
  • Routing Number of Other Institution
  • Total Amount

3. Member Instructions

  • There is a 10 day notification process with the Other Institution.
  • Members will be contacted if Other Institution information comes back invalid.
  • ACH Origination can start after the 10 day notification.
  • Sign & Date Form
  • Fill-in Account Number & Daytime Phone (absolutely must have valid phone numbers)

4. Submission Instructions

There are several ways that you can submit you ACH form:

  • Drop it off at one of our Austin Metro Locations.
  • Email it to
  • Fax it to 512.206.3553.
  • Mail to:
    Austin Telco FCU
    ATTN: Bookkeeping
    11149 Research Blvd., Suite 300
    Austin, TX 78759

For more information, please call 512.302.5555, ext. 7190.

ACH Origination Form