Auto P.I. Used Car Inspection Mobile Service

Austin Telco has teamed up with Auto P. I. to provide pre-purchase inspections for our used car buying Members.

No matter where you buy a used car, from an individual, dealer, or certified vehicle, you are responsible to determine the current condition before purchase. A seller or salesperson's hype, or a history report is NOT a pre-purchase inspection. A good looking used car can be a wolf in sheep's clothing, and cost you thousands in undiscovered problems after the sale.

1-2-3 Steps for Buying a Used Vehicle

Step 1 Take it for a test drive.
Take the vehicle for a test drive for at least 10 minutes. This is your opportunity to detect any obvious problems that would eliminate it from consideration.


Many salespeople and sellers may pressure you to buy the vehicle after the test drive. A vehicle can drive well and still have existing hidden or potential problems including previous accident damages.

Step 2) Negotiate your best deal.

Ask your loan officer, or go online for pricing information. Prices listed on websites or pricing books do not include deductions for any needed repairs or accidents.

Negotiate a price you would pay for that vehicle assuming it is in good mechanical condition, and with no previous accident damages. Remember; always make any negotiated price contingent upon a pre-purchase inspection.


Many salespeople and sellers may pressure you to buy the car after you negotiate a price. However, you can't negotiate your best deal unless you know the true condition of the vehicle.

Step 3) Call Auto P.I. for an unbiased Pre-Purchase Inspection by an ASE Master Technician and Frame Specialist.

Auto P.I. performs a 600-Point mechanical, electrical, body, and frame inspection. Auto P.I. will document any needed repairs, problems, or accident damage discovered during the inspection.

After the inspection, you can re-negotiate for problems uncovered by the pre-purchase inspection or have the items fixed before purchase.

Learn more about Auto P.I.'s 600 Point Pre-Purchase Inspection and helpful tips when buying a used vehicle at
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