Red background illustration with spam and notifications

Beware of Recent Phishing Scam

It's come to our attention that some members and non-members have been targeted by a new phishing attempt.

Fraudsters are sending out messages posing as our text alert system. They claim a purchase has been made on the recipient's card and direct them to a fake website designed to look like ours in an attempt to gather sensitive information.

This is a scam. Always ensure you're visiting our official website by checking the URL:, and only login for this website. Another way to verify you're on our site is to look for the Banno Monitor icon at the page's footer and confirm it has a verification date. Below is how what the Banno Monitor icon looks like.

How to spot a fake ATFCU site.

We're urging everyone to stay vigilant against these kinds of scams. Avoid clicking on suspicious links; Austin Telco will never share personal or financial information unless you're confident of the source. If you suspect fraudulent activity related to your ATFCU account, please contact us immediately at 512-302-5555 or through a secure message on Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.