Fake Fraud Prevention Scam

Austin Telco has had reports of members receiving a phone call from fraudsters posing as Austin Telco FCU debit card fraud prevention.

The phone call shows to comes from our 512-302-5555 number, or the caller ID will say Austin Telco FCU. It will be either an automated call saying there is fraud and asking you to enter personal information such as your card number, or it may be an agent posing as fraud prevention phishing for information. Often, they will send you a text passcode and ask you to repeat it back to them, and this code will allow the fraudster to activate a fraudulent Apple Pay device with the compromised card.

Unfortunately, it has become more accessible for fraudsters to spoof the phone numbers of legitimate businesses. Because of this, it's essential to be cautious when a caller begins to ask for personal information. If you are ever unsure, hang up and call us directly at 512-302-5555.

Austin Telco will never ask for the full card number or account number or to repeat a text/e-mail passcode. For verification purposes, fraud prevention will ask security questions but never request an entire account or card number.