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Account Alerts

Stay Informed with Real-Time Account Alerts

Stay connected with your Austin Telco FCU accounts through our customizable Alerts. Receive real-time updates to keep track of your account activities and ensure your financial security. Set your preferred notifications to stay informed about important changes and transactions.

Here are the types of alerts you can set:

Security Alerts

  • External Transfer: Receive a notification when a transfer is initiated or completed from your account.
  • Computer/Browser Registered: Be alerted when a new device is registered for your account access.
  • Password Changed: Stay informed if your account password is updated.
  • Secure Access Code Contact Information Changed: Know when your secure access code contact information is altered.
  • Login ID Changed: Get notified if your login ID is modified.
  • Forgot Password is Requested: Receive an alert when a password reset request is made.
  • External Account Has Been Linked: Be aware when a new external account is linked to your profile.
  • Invalid Password is Submitted: Alert you when an incorrect password is entered.
  • Invalid Secure Access Code Submitted: Be notified of failed attempts to enter the secure access code.
  • Login ID Disabled: Get an alert if your login ID is disabled.
  • Login ID is Locked Out: Know immediately if your login ID is locked due to multiple failed login attempts.
  • Secure Message Received: Receive a notification when a new secure message arrives.
  • New User Created: Stay updated when a new user is added to your account.
  • Security Alert Preferences Changed: Be informed if your security alert preferences are modified.
  • Transfer Fails During Processing: Get alerted if a transfer fails during processing.
  • User Profile Updated: Know when there are changes to your user profile.
  • Valid Password for Login ID Submitted: Receive a notification when a valid password is entered.
  • Forgot Password Process Successfully Completed: Be informed when the password reset process is completed successfully.
  • Valid Secure Access Code Submitted: Get an alert when a valid secure access code is submitted.

Account Activity Alerts

  • Daily Balance: Keep track of your daily account balance with a daily alert.
  • Large Withdrawal: Be notified when a large withdrawal is made from your account.
  • Direct Deposit Made: Know when a direct deposit is made into your account.
  • Low Balance: Get an alert if your account balance falls below a set threshold.
  • Loan Payment Due: Receive reminders when your loan payments are due.

Custom Alerts

Create your own alerts based on Account, History, Online Transaction, and Reminders!

How to Set Up Alerts

  1. Log In: Access your account through our Digital Banking Platform.
  2. Navigate to Alerts: Click on "Settings" and then "Alert Settings"
  3. Customize Alerts: Choose the types of alerts you want to receive based on premade options or create your own based on Account, History, Online Transaction, and Reminder Alerts.
  4. Save Settings: Confirm and save your alert settings.

With Austin Telco FCU Account Alerts, you can have peace of mind knowing you are always connected and informed about your account activities. Customize your alerts today and take control of your financial security.