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Austin Telco's Skip-A-Pay can add some room to your holiday budget by allowing you to skip your loan payment(s) that are due between Monday, November 15th and Friday, December 31st.

There are several ways to set up Skip-A-Pay for your loan:

  • Online - Go to the Skip-A-Pay form below.

  • Complete the Skip-A-Pay form and mail or fax it to:
    Austin Telco Federal Credit Union
    8929 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, Tx 78757
    Fax: 512-302-3333

  • Local - Submit the coupon in person at any of our branch locations starting Tuesday, October 12th.

To download the PDF coupon click here.

Skip-A-Pay Form


The Skip-A-Pay coupon must be received before your payment is due. The following loans are excluded from this offer: Real Estate, Home Improvement, Home Equity, Term Loans, and Business Loans. Visa Skip-A-Pay coupons are due by October 28, 2021, to skip November 25, 2021, or November 29, 2021, to skip December 25, 2021. Please note that interest is still accrued when payments are skipped, and the term is extended. Normal qualifying is required. Skip-A-Payment is only available for current loans made before July 1, 2021, with no extensions within the past 12 months. One payment that is due between November 15, 2021, and December 31, 2021, may be skipped. Maximum extension is 30 days.