Teller's and Cashier's Checks

At Austin Telco, our Teller's/Cashier's checks are more than just a piece of paper; they symbolize trust, security, and reliability. When you need guaranteed funds for significant transactions, like a house down payment or car purchase, these checks become the payment method of choice. Essentially, they're funds taken directly from a member's account, making them, in most instances, a reliable guarantee if properly verified.

Why might you choose our Teller's/Cashier's checks? They provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing these checks are guaranteed funds coming directly from a members account. Our process to acquire one is simple: either drop by any of our lobby locations or use a branch drive-thru. No cumbersome procedures, just seamless service.

Members enjoy the added benefit of one free teller check each day. If you need more on the same day, a minimal fee of $2.00 applies for each additional check. Alternatively, our Cashier's checks are available for a $3.00 fee.

However, always remember that due to the guaranteed nature of these checks, we cannot halt their payment, even if they're misplaced. But in the rare instance where you might lose one, after a 90-day period and with a declaration of loss, we can facilitate a replacement.

Got questions? Our Bookkeeping team at Ext. 7190 is always ready to guide you.