Job Hunting 101: Find Your Perfect Job

Job Hunting 101: Find The Perfect Job For You

6 Things To Search For In A Job Posting 

Online job hunting for positions can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re searching for jobs in Austin. With such a wide variety of businesses and industries finding their home in the Texas capital city, looking for a job in Austin often turns into a long search through job listings, career pages and job search sites. Knowing what to look for when you’re on job search sites will help keep you focused and effective when online job hunting. 

Luckily, there are a few ways to spot if a job is right for you just from the online job listing. When you know what to search for in a job listing, you can maximize your time spent searching for jobs and effectively find job opportunities near you that offer everything you need to not only fit your needs now, but also set you up for future growth and success.

Job Hunting 101: Clear Description

Clear Job Descriptions

A job profile with a clear description is the first thing to look for when online job hunting. A description that offers clarity on the job’s duties, responsibilities and skills required is a sign of an employer that has a clear understanding of the position they are hiring for and the type of candidate that will fit the role. There should also be a list of minimum qualifications included in the online job listing profile and can sometimes be found within the job description.

FAQ: “Can I still apply for a job if I don’t meet every criterion on the list of job qualifications?”

The answer is Yes! Outside of the fundamental skills and qualifications like “basic computer skills,” applicants should strive to meet at least 70-80% of the job qualifications included in the online job listing. For the criteria in the job description you don’t quite meet, you can include applicable outside experience to show you can still be the best candidate for the job. For example, if a job posting mentions that you need to have “previous money handling experience,” in your resume, include a position where you used that skill even if it wasn’t your main responsibility.

Online job listings also often include a salary range in the job description, which helps to answer the common question of “What should I put for the expected salary on a job application?” Applicants can leave the expected salary question blank or write “open to negotiation” to further discuss salary later in the interview process, which is helpful if your ask falls outside the given range or if there is no range listed. Applicants should always do their research on salaries for that position in their area first.

While the minimum wage for Texas is set at $7.25, online job hunting in the last few years has exposed a shift in the job market where individuals feel more empowered in speaking up for their value, which allows applicants to advocate for themselves, and has allowed more hourly jobs in Austin to offer more than $15/hr. We see the value in each of our team members at Austin Telco, which is why our starting hourly rate stands at $18/hr.

Job Hunting 101: Employee Benefits

List of Benefits Offered

Companies that list the salary range in their job postings will likely also include the benefits they offer. When online job hunting, you’ll notice some of the most common benefits offered by employers include quarterly, annual, or performance-based bonuses, 401(k) and health and medical insurance packages. At Austin Telco, our employees are offered retirement plans and insurance packages on top of paid holidays, pension plans and more. Benefits are listed for each of our available job positions in Austin, which can be found in the ATFCU Careers Portal.

The prioritization of benefits varies from person to person depending on age and personal need. When searching for long-term job opportunities near you, keep an eye out for the list of job benefits included in the online job listing profile to help determine if that job is right for you and your needs. If a list of job benefits is not included in the job listing, make note of that as a question to ask when it comes time to the interview.

Job Hunting 101: Growth

Professional Growth Opportunities

When online job hunting, try to think past the application process so you can really spot if the company is a place that offers growth opportunities and would allow you to build the future you want. Good indicators on a job post for a position that was created with growth in mind are terms that can be identified as professional growth opportunities like “promotion from within” or “continuing education resources provided.”

Skills learned while on the job will help you to excel in that position but knowing there is a place to move up from there will help keep you motivated. When employers emphasize that they promote from within, it lets employees and new applicants know there is room to grow at the company. Additional growth opportunities like continuing education resources offered by employers also help turn jobs into careers that will help with personal and professional growth.

Did you know Austin Telco offers education assistance and career development essentials for full and part-time employees? Learn more here.

Every job you have can help build a foundation for your future whether it be within your current company or elsewhere. Companies who want to help their employees build careers for better futures through professional and personal growth opportunities are more likely to value their team members, helping to foster a healthy work environment where everyone can thrive.

Job Hunting 101: Culture

Examples of Company Culture

A healthy work environment will often translate into a positive company culture, which is important to look for even in the early stages of online job hunting. However, because job hunting is mostly virtual, understanding the company culture will require more than just reading the job posting. Companies with a good culture are more likely to retain their team members, and those who don’t will have plenty of employee feedback stating so. Look up the company who posted the job listing and read reviews left by employees on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn.

After being in the market for jobs in Austin for some time, you may notice online job listings that have been repeatedly taken down and put back up. This could be an indication of a high turnover rate. Something else to lookout for in an online job listing is the date it was posted. If it’s more than a month or two old, reach out to the company to find out if they are still actively looking to fill the role.

If an employer does not include their contact information on the job listing, head to their website to try and find a point of contact or careers page. While you’re there, read through the company’s mission statement and values to see if they align with yours. Most companies include the equal employer statement in their online job listings, but their mission statement and company values will offer more clarity on their priorities.

Job Hunting 101: Personal

Personal Information Requirements

Beware of scammers when online job hunting. Job postings from companies with no background information or online footprint that look too good to be true likely are. If a company will require you to go through any sort of background check as part of the application process, they should disclose that to you. If you receive an email or call from an outside source asking for personal information like your social security number, or if it’s required on an application, that’s likely a fake job application.

Personal information applicants can commonly expect employers to ask for as part of an online application includes their name, phone number, address and email. Trust your instincts and do your research when it comes to detecting fake job listings. At Austin Telco, we give full transparency when it comes to the steps in the application and interview process so applicants can feel safe knowing we will only ask for information relevant to their ability to perform the job they are applying for.

Job Hunting 101: Referrals

Referral Requirements and Regulations

When online job hunting has led you to a position that offers the benefits and opportunities you’re looking for, find out the application requirements. Some job listings may not require you to provide referrals to go along with your resume and cover letter but when they do give you the option to add them, it’s a good idea to include one if you have it. Referrals for a job application can come from a personal connection, a professional connection, or anyone that can speak to your qualifications for the position. 

Before submitting a referral from a relative, double-check for any rules the company has regarding relative referrals. Some companies do not allow blood relatives to work together, so if you have a family member who already works for the company you’re applying for, make sure that is something they allow. It’s always a good idea to use your connections to find potential opportunities but it’s important to stay vigilant of rules the company has as far as personal connections within the company.

It’s hard to know for certain which job out of the many you find during your job search is right for you. When you keep in mind these key elements to search for in a job listing, it’ll become easier to spot the ones that best align with your needs, values, and qualifications. If you’re in the market for a new job opportunity in Austin where you can grow and feel valued as a team member, join us at Austin Telco! We are currently hiring for several positions including Tellers (both part- and full-time options) at various branches. Visit the ATFCU careers page for more information on our open positions in the Austin area.