Digital Banking Upgrade | Austin Telco FCU

Digital Banking Upgrade

December 1, 2023

You Spoke, We Listened! Digital Banking Upgrade | Austin Telco FCU

You Spoke, We Listened! New Digital Banking Platform Coming Spring 2024

Get ready for a new banking experience with Austin Telco Federal Credit Union. Our upcoming Digital Banking Platform is tailored to meet your needs with innovative features that enhance convenience, security, and financial management. The new platform will have a new modern look and features like:

  • Update Subscription Payments: Update your Austin Telco card information for your subscriptions.
  • New Financial Tools: View your credit score and track your financial objectives.
  • Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer Solution: Transfer money securely to anyone, including nonmembers.
  • Payment & Deposit Switch: Transition your recurring payments and direct deposits to an Austin Telco account with ease.
  • Account Management and Consolidation: Connect and manage all of your external accounts from other financial institutions and organize them in one central location.

Each member will have a unique login to allow a tailored experience on the platform. Please ensure all your contact information is up to date for a seamless transition.

October 25, 2023

Austin Telco Federal Credit Union will be upgrading digital banking in spring 2024. We're excited to share details about the new features and improvements to mobile and desktop banking in the coming months. To prepare for this update:

  • If you use your account number to log in to online or mobile banking, change to a username. This is a best practice for online security and will be a requirement for our new system. From the login screen, select "Retrieve Username" to look up your username.

  • Update your contact information.
    • Online Banking: Go to “Settings” (gear icon on the top right side) in the menu and then “Change Contact Information” to update your phone and email address
    • Visit a branch
    • Call 512-302-5555 during regular business hours
    • Send a secure message