Security News

Security is a primary concern for Austin Telco Federal Credit Union. In order to help educate and safeguard our members, we have implemented this page to keep you up-to-date on current fraudulent schemes, scams and general security alerts. Please check back frequently as we plan to update this page as information is provided to us.

Austin Telco Number Spoof Scam
February 2019

Anatomy of a Fake Check Scam
September 2018

Felony Lane Gang
September 2018

Equifax Cybersecurity Breach
September 2017

Text Alert Scam
September 2017

Video Scam Targets Consumers
August 2017

DocuSign Breach
May 2017

NCUA Warns of Text Phishing Scam
August 2016

Austin Telco Fake Cashier/Teller Checks
June 2016

EMV/Chip Card Scams
October 2015

NCUA warns of scammers using similar website logo design
March 2015

Tax Refund Fraud
February 2015

NCUA Educational Videos
January 2015

IRS - Impersonation Telephone Scam
December 2014

Backoff Malware - What can I do to protect myself
September 2014

The Home Depot Data Breach
September 2014

SVpeng Trojan - Mobile Malware
June 2014

Heartbleed - OpenSSL Bug
April 2014

NCUA Warns of Telephone Fraud
January 2014

Target Announced Unauthorized Access to Payment Card Data In Their U.S. Stores.
December 2013

Malicious Fiserv Email
April 2013

Internet Risk Recommendations
December 2012

Scam/Phishing Text Message
August 2012

Email Scam
July 2012

Text Message Scam
April 2012

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