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ATFCU offers expert financial tips to help you make smart money management decisions. Explore our blog for the financial resources you’re looking for today.

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Credit Union Difference

Initially, it may be difficult to see the difference in the types of services offered by credit unions or banks and savings and loans. However, once you do business with a credit union, you will recognize that there is a world of difference in the attitude and the quality of service which credit unions provide to their members.
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Taylor Chamber Award 2021

Congratulations to our Taylor Branch Manager Connie Zycha!
80th anniversary

Telco Anniversary

On June 18th, 2021 Austin Telco Federal Credit Union celebrated its 80th anniversary.

ATFCU Announces New President and CEO

Austin Telco Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce the selection of Robert Hernandez as the credit union's new President and Chief Executive Officer.

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Budgeting Essentials

To start your self-assessment and motivate yourself to do better, ask yourself the following questions.
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Understanding Your Credit Score

Your credit report is an important aspect of your life. In addition to affecting you financially, your credit report can impact your education, career, and the interest rates lenders offer you when making major purchase decisions such as buying a home or a car.

What are Share Certificates and How are they Beneficial?

Share Certificates are designed for those who want to build their existing cash balance into more wealth over time with ease and minimal effort. Find out more in this article.

First-Time Home Buyer Program in Greater Austin

If you’re looking to buy a home, our first-time home buyer program in greater Austin can help!

What's the Difference Between CUs and Banks?

Credit Unions and Banks may share a lot of similarities, but there are several key differences between the two.
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The Many Benefits of a Credit Union in Greater Austin

How does Austin Telco, a credit union in Greater Austin help their clients? When it comes to financial institutions, there are a lot of options out there.

Financial Planning Tips: Holiday Budgeting Like A Pro

The holiday season has arrived and as attention shifts to the gift-giving to come, implementing the right financial planning tips can help you navigate the holidays like a true financial pro.

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Identity Theft

Identity Theft occurs when sensitive information like your Social Security number, drivers license number, account number, credit/debit card number, PIN, or password is used by someone pretending to be you. Criminals use this information along with your name and address to apply for credit, open accounts, withdraw money or make purchases for their own gain.


Security is a primary concern for Austin Telco Federal Credit Union. In order to help educate and safeguard our members, we have implemented this page to keep you up-to-date on current fraudulent schemes, scams and general security alerts.

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Buying a Home

So you have decided you want to become a homeowner. Congratulations! Many people aspire to owning their own home. There are some financial planning tips that will help you begin the process.
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Planning for College

Your college education is one of the most important investments you will make. Most students start investigating colleges in their junior year of high school, though you can certainly start earlier if you want to.
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Planning for Retirement

Some folks look forward to retirement as a time to relax, travel and enjoy life. For others, it just creates a sense of dread. Regardless of which side you fall on, time spent on planning for retirement can be a terrific investment.